Delivering Food-Grade Product

Welcome to Royal Tank Lines, A Company You Can Trust

Originating as a water transportation company in 1989, Royal Tank Lines has progressed to become Ontario’s most trusted carrier of liquid food grade products. With over 30 years of experience, we at Royal Tank Lines utilize our expertise to specialize in all areas of liquid food transportation, specifically with liquid chocolate products.

At Royal Tank Lines our fleet of  stainless steel food grade tankers are equipped with in-transit heat, stainless steel product pumps, and are Kosher certified in order to meet and exceed all of your transportation needs.

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff work diligently to provide our customers with superior service on each and every occasion.

Our History

Royal Tank Lines was founded in 1989 by Thomas Strachan. Not long into starting Royal Tank Lines, Tom had grown the business to where a new location was needed. To keep up with the growth of the company, Tom moved the company to a larger facility which is our current location of 323 Bayview Drive Barrie,Ontario.

Throughout the years, the vision and mission of Royal Tank Lines has always been achieving the great relationships we have with our customers and employees. Royal Tank Lines takes pride in a wide variety of specialty products such as chocolate, canola oil and orange juice. Not only do we haul finished products we also haul raw ingredients to customers to make their finished products.

At Royal Tank Lines we have hauled many food grade products from water, beer, oil, chocolate, and cocoa butter. We take great care, detail, safety and utilize innovative equipment to transport the different food grade products. We are dedicated to achieving the highest quality of service for our customers.

Why Choose
Royal Tank Lines?

The Royal Difference

When choosing Royal Tank Lines for all your specialized liquid food grade transportation needs, you will experience a joint venture in making sure all your questions and requirements are met with knowledgeable staff and professional driver’s force.

We want to make sure we meet your transportation needs in order to move efficiently down the road while providing you with  solutions to all your transportation needs.