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What we do differently

We put the serve in service! Every Friday our dispatchers put together a floating plan which is customer oriented. They do their best to make sure that everything lines up and there are minimal conflicts. Why do we create a floating plan? Unfortunately, life isn't always a paved road. Sometimes there's less travelled road that we need to take which could get a bit bumpy. In order to facilitate this we may need to change a few load times with customers in order to create the smoothest possible transition from location A to location B.

The Extras

Not only does Royal Tank Lines deliver results, we do it on a ground breaking level. Royal was over a decade ahead of the Ontario speed limiter law. We have some of the latest transportation technology aboard our vehicles including; satellite tracking with communication capabilities, fuel and green house gas saving devices such as auxiliary power units, and air conditioning units powered by battery instead of fuel, and we have been part of beta testing with hydrogen supplementation systems to further reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
Over the years Royal Tank Lines have been featured in a variety of publications dating back to the early nineties. Some of the publications we were featured in were for ground breaking achievements, some for our professional opinions.
Whatever your bulk food grade liquid needs are, you are in good hands with Royal Tank Lines. From the moment the order is placed you can rest assured that your request will be taken care of by some of the most professional and experienced people in the transportation industry.